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FROM 2008 TO 2009

NASAL sees the light at the end of 2008 as a research project at the initiative of a health professional motivated by the impulse to improve their patients and procedures.

In 2009 NASAL get into the NEOTEC Program of CDTI of Innovation Ministery currently dependent of Economic Ministery. Starts the colaboration with UPM (Universitary School of Telecommunications Engineering – Departament of Engineering of Circuit and Systems) in developing an automatic geometry segmenter obtained of CT images of nasal cavity. Collaboration also begins with the National Institute for Aerospace Technology “Esteban Terradas” (INTA) in the development of CFD (Computacional Fluid Dynamics) solution conditioning to human respiration.

From 2009, NASAL TRAINING with the collaboration of INSTITUTO FELIPPU (Sao Paulo, Brazil), it has created an innovative training both in their classroom and online courses for ENT, using their anatomical identification software 3D NASAL VISTA. All the technological innovations created for professional have been exposed in their training of high level from 2009 until the present day, thanks to its division of NASAL TRAINING.

FROM 2010 TO 2012

In 2010 NASAL get into the Programa AVANZA of the Ministery of Industry.

During 2011, it develops systems for the implementation of a service and the industrialization of the analytical process of air flow obtained of the CT images.

From 2012 to december 2014 develop the Experimental and Clinic Validation Project of NASAL FLOW financed by CDTI in the Projects of Investigation Program.

FROM 2013 TO 2015

In 2013 begins to develop technology programs customized for international companies in the health area through its multidisciplinary team that is NASAL TECH, composed of different professional profiles including doctors, engineers, mathematicians, embedded in application development to the practitioner.

From 2014 to the present are added courses dedicated to temporal anatomical region and facial aesthetics, presenting their new 3D applications 3D NASAL VISTA TEMPORAL and 3D NASAL VISTA AESTHETIC.

In 2015, NASAL it plans launching the NASAL FLOW pioneering Analytical Service Respiratory of Air Flow in the nasal cavity, providing information on the physical phenomena that success in different breathing conditions of human being.