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NASALCOM is a new service completely online where you can enjoy all NASAL products without installation, directly in your web browser.

In a simple and intuitive desktop the user will have access to all functionalities of the service, which are our 3D desktop applications of the nasal cavity and middle ear (3D Nasal Vista 2.0 and 3D Nasal Vista Temporal), our respiratory flow study system (NASAL FLOW) and NASAL Virtual Campus.


NASALCOM service has a Premium Subscription that includes 1 year of online subscription to 3D Nasal Vista 2.0 and 3D Nasal Temporal Vista and download for installation on Windows and Mac, 1 credit for Nasal Flow respiratory flow study system (valued at 150 €) with Which can also perform a virtual surgical simulation and 1 year of access to NASAL Virtual Campus in which it will have a new course every 4 months among which are the courses on Endoscopic approach of middle ear, Juvenile Angiofibroma, Ethmoid Adenocarcinoma, Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome and more.



Register in NASALCOM is very simple. Access NASALCOM to begin the registration process.


1. On the NASALCOM home screen, click on the SIGN UP button

2. Please fill in the form and click on the REGISTER button

3. You will receive an email with the confirmation of your registration and you will be able to access NASALCOM


If you are a PATIENT and you want to acquire NASALFLOW credits so that the doctor can perform his study of respiratory flows follow the instructions.


1. On the NASALCOM home screen, click on the button ARE YOU A PATIENT?. Before starting to fill out the form, the doctor must indicate your doctor code number, required to complete the credit purchase process.

2. Fill in all the fields of the form indicating the DOCTOR CODE and number of credits. Once the form is completed, accept the terms of use and click on the CONTINUE button to access the payment gateway with credit card.

Once the payment of the credits has been completed, the doctor will receive a notification and proceed to carry out his study of respiratory airflows.